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"Having someone who keeps you motivated and celebrates your success is incredibly beneficial. Ryan is no exception to this – he has kept me motivated and is always trying to push me to go further. Ryan advocates the idea that targets are achieved through hard work and commitment and he encourages you to know your limits and when to push your boundaries.  I have obviously toned up and my strength has increased significantly but the best result I think is the knowledge I am taking away."

"I had tried so many diets in the past and although I'd lost some weight I always re-gained it and often more. Victoria was able to support and motivate me to make sustainable changes which led to the weight loss I longed for."

"So what is great about Ryan? His job is his vocation, so he cares about doing his work well and genuinely enjoys your progress. He takes what you need to be doing seriously and shows you what to do without being patronising. He is never humiliating and doesn’t bark at you! He is funny and encouragingly positive even when you are not. He makes it interesting and varies the programs so you don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same exercises mindlessly.
As he is trained in sports massage he understands the body properly so he can sort out the niggles and get you moving again - I had no idea how inflexible and stiff I was. It has been a lifestyle change which has been so effective I have found it easy to maintain and has become natural to me. In the first month I was staggered to find I had lost a stone, and the next month I lost the second stone. I have gone down 2 dress sizes, lost over 25 inches and now look toned and feel fit."

“I am so grateful for the support Victoria was able to provide my husband when he was diagnosed with cancer. Victoria’s advice in helping him recover the weight he had lost was essential in him getting through treatment. Her tips were very practical and she was able to explain to us the rationale for the advice she was giving and answer all our questions.”

"I approached Victoria because, although I felt I ate a well balanced diet and exercised on a regular basis, I put on half a stone in just over 5 months and regardless of what I did, increase my exercise, watched what I ate, I could not get rid of the weight.
Victoria was absolutely spot on with regard to the cause of the problem and gave me excellent advice and a diet guide.
I lost the weight and hopefully, now we have established the cause, will not be repeating the same mistakes.
Great service and I have happily recommended Victoria to several friends."

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