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Victoria Mann

RD (MSc, BSc) 

"Nutrition plays an essential role in improving your health and wellbeing.

We eat for many reasons;  hunger, health, energy, emotion, socialising and habit to name a few. Making changes to your diet is therefore hard."

Victoria has extensive experience in behaviour change techniques and will expertly guide you through making improvements to your diet.


As a registered Dietitian Victoria is able to interpret complex scientific information into practical day to day advice for you. Whether you are aiming to lose fat, gain muscle, treat a medical condition or generally just feel better Victoria will be able to help you to achieve the change you desire.

"Nutrition plays an essential role in                                                      improving your health and wellbeing.

We eat for many reasons;  hunger, health, energy, emotion, socialising and habit to name a few. Making changes to your diet is therefore hard."

A one to one appointment will allow Victoria to assess your current intake and goals and devise a nutritional treatment plan to meet your specific needs. From this you will be provided with tailored advice to help improve your diet and health in an achievable and sustainable manner. This assessment will take into account any medical conditions you may have. 

For a more detailed assessment of your dietary intake a computerised 3 day dietary analysis can be included at an additional charge (see below). Additional follow up appointments to review your progress will ensure you continue to meet and even exceed your goals.


Victoria runs clinics at The Wellbeing Clinic Headington, Oxford. These appointments can also be delivered over the phone or virtually (no boundaries on location), in the comfort of your own home, or Victoria can arrange to meet you within Oxford. 

​We can provide analysis of 3 and 7 day food diaries (different time scales available on request). This will give you a full breakdown of the Macro (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat) and Micro (Vitamin & Mineral) nutrient content of your diet. This report will then be compared to your individual needs and any dietary deficiencies identified. This service allows you to see in detail where your diet might be lacking and impacting on your ability to achieve your goals.

This service can be provided on its own via email/post or as part of a dietary counselling session. 

Specialist areas include:

  • Weight Management & Obesity 

  • Changing unhealthy eating habits through

        Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Sports & Fitness Nutrition 

  • Building muscle

  • Computerised Dietary Analysis

  • Gaining weight for those who are


  • Women’s health 

  • IBS

  • Ensuring a well balanced diet 

  • Pre and Post bariatric surgery 

  • Healthy lifestyle 

  • Cancer & Nutrition 

  • Pancreatic and Liver Disease 

  • Diabetes and Pre Diabetes 

  • Cardiovascular disease/ Heart Health

  • Bone/joint health

(adults only, unfortunately Victoria is unable to provide advice for children)

(adults only, unfortunately Victoria is unable to provide advice for children)

If there is another area you need help with that is not listed please contact Victoria. If we can’t help we’ll try and point you in the direction of someone who can.  


Dietary counselling appointment 

Anchor 1

Initial Dietary assessment

 (with dietary counselling appointment)

1 hr


  Follow up appointment


30 mins


full package

(Dietary Counselling with 3 day computerised dietary analysis and report)

1 hr


Computerised Dietary analysis

Anchor 2

3 day analysis



7 day analysis



​* Computerised Dietary Analysis (via email/post) with written report

Varying lengths of Dietary Analysis and packages of consultation available upon discussion. 


Prior to Dietary Counselling appointments you will be sent two forms to complete. 

  1. Medical assessment form 

  2. Food Diary / Food and activity diary


All forms must be emailed 5 working days prior to the appointment to allow adequate time for assessment and planning. This is to ensure you get the most out of our time. ​

For computer based dietary analysis, a detailed food/ food and activity diary must be sent.  You will be given more information regarding this upon request. 


Any cancellations made less than 48hrs prior to the appointment may incur a charge. 


BACS or cash are accepted forms of payment. For virtual, telephone or email consultations payment will be required 3 working days prior to the appointment. 

Victoria is registered with several major private healthcare providers. You may be able to claim the cost of a Dietetic consultation from your private health insurance. Please contact Victoria for more information. Authorisation codes will be required prior to the appointment. 

Contact Victoria for more details

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