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Online Coaching

Our online coaching service provides you with a full holistic package which addresses nutrition, fitness and lifestyle. 

You will have personalised workouts, designed for you. 

Your nutrition tracked and be provided with tailored nutritional advice and recipes. 

Your lifestyle such as sleep, stress and activity monitored and be provided with strategies to improve this. 

All of this is provided through access to our Oakman Coaching App which is set up with your own personalised programme. 

Each week you will have a comprehensive check-in with one of our coaches where they will track your progress and update your plans, set you goals and ensure you are always getting closer to your targets. 

You also have access to our coaches 24/7 through the messenger service. So if you're ever not sure about an exercise you can send them a video to check your form. Or if you're out for dinner and not sure what to order, send them a picture of the menu. 

Workouts can be designed for home or gym with limited equipment or high level training techniques. 

We listen to you and design the programme around your goals, wants and needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, improve your fitness and flexibility or just generally be healthier we can design a programme for you!


Want to work with us? 

Complete the form below to book in a discovery call. On this call, we can find out a bit more about you and whether you would be a good fit for our coaching service. We can give you a free plan to get started working towards your goals and tell you more about how our service works. 

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