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Ryan & Victoria operate out of Feel Fit Gym (Temple Cowley, Oxford) and can provide 1:1 or 1:2 training sessions at this facility (gym membership required). They will carry out a full assessment of your current fitness and provide an individualised plan to meet this. 

Online training packages are also available with virtual training sessions or programmes via email. 



A complimentary consultation to establish your goals, assess your current level of fitness and to identify any barriers to exercise.


A full postural and movement assessment will identify any underlying problems that may hold your training back. Most postural issues or muscular imbalances can be addressed as part of the training.


Everyone has specific needs and your programme will reflect that. The sessions will be based on your goals, lifestyle, body composition and the results of your assessment. Every aspect of the programme will be designed to ensure that it will work for you and that you enjoy them.


The sessions themselves will last 60mins and in this time we will go through your programme card for that day to master technique, increase performance and motivate you to achieve more than would usually be possible!


It is crucial to record progress to ensure the programme is working optimally. This can be monitored in a number of ways, depending on goals. This could be a measure of strength with a fitness test, a body fat assessment using a Boditrax machine or even a before and after picture.


Many trainers leave you clueless as to how to make it on your own. Ryan & Victoria will teach you their methods, instruct you on how to progress your own training and create your own programmes when you decide you are ready to train solo.


At Oakman, we offer a full package that includes personal training, expert nutrition from a registered Dietitian, and sports massage. This combination makes us unique and allows us to provide the most complete service available in the area. You will be able to take advantage of all three aspects to delver you the best results possible.

Ryan & Victoria can also provide tailored exercise plans for you to follow at home or at your own gym.


Fees will depend on several factors that will need to be discussed during your free consultation before giving a quote. 

Contact Ryan or Victoria for more details

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